Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Twenty Ten

After 20 days into the new year, twenty-ten, finally i got new hopes, thank You God! Well, like all those people say, 'new year, new life' (please read this quote sarcastically in your small voices). If every new year i got ONE new life, then i must have lived in 22 different lives.....

Anyhow, i have really high hopes for this year, with new field of studies (Mechanic), new place to live, new friends to make. Oh, i will be moving soon to a new place in like 2 days, so wish me luck, but i don't really believe in luck, i believe in destiny (i dont know why i said that).

So far, 2009 has been my worst year ever,  (and the year i die will be my WORST year EVER lol) and thanks to certain people, 2010 seems to be like a new bright start. I may need to try to beat myself up when laziness struck as it is my strongest enemy and until now i think i've done a pretty good job in keeping my strongest enemy close to me (u know as they say, 'keep ur friends close but keep ur enemies closer).

ps : In two years from now, we'll see if Nostradamus is correct!! Can't wait!!

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