Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Aku tulis dalam English ni

Today I will be writing in English. I think it has been awhile since I last wrote anything in English. So if there is any grammatical error in this entry, you can shut your eff up because peduli apa aku. Amboih, eksyen betul.

For the last couple of days, I have been struggling to understand why on Earth do Malaysians produce lots of crappy films, and EVERY SINGLE YEAR, we claim "Tahun ini adalah tahun kebangkitan seni filem negara.". And then I realised, Malaysians seem to be happy with all those crappy films, they are in fact so happy that they are willing to spend ten ringgits just to waste an hour and a half sitting in cinemas, eating some popcorns, holding their beloved hands, laughing or screaming stupidly while watching those overrated local films.

When asked "Best tak cerita kau tengok semalam tu?", the answers I get are always the same; "Boleh laa, aku ingatkan best.". How could you possibly get the idea that local films are 'best' in the first place? Ah wait, "Tahun ini tahun kebangkitan seni filem negara.". I get it.

Sometimes I feel lucky to be living in a state where cinemas are non-existants. Literally. Like literally literally.

Local actors are all good-looking. But do they have the most crucial skill in order to be called actors? Teet. I don't think so. MOST of them rely solely on their looks. When it comes to acting skill? Below average. Some even don't have that talent. So why do they become actors? One word. One magic word, POPULARITY. Actors are all popularity junkies.

"With a face like this, I can succeed in everything including acting career!" The principe of every single actor in Malaysia. Don't get me wrong, popularity is crucial in order to be a good actor. But you must be an actor first! How to be an actor? You must possess acting skill, not a beautiful face. Personally, a good-looking face is just a bonus if you are an actor.

I could easily name at least twenty 'actors' who do not have any acting skill, but as a marhaen, I will not do that. *cough*neelofa*cough*

I think my English needs a bit of polishing to be done. Maybe a dose of porn films will do.


Hikaru Yui said...

baru2 ni aku tengok cerita "aku terima nikahnya" dgn "istanbul aku datang" ya cerita lama aku baru tgk tapi ya allah...


aku tengok jugak pun atas alasan finish what you started..

Rinah said...

terbaik.. menusuk kalbu.. haha